Gold Alishan Oolong Tea 
150g (1 set)V



Catagroy: Taiwan Alishan Tea(ND Pesticides)


Product No.: HJ13-6(1)V

100%Taiwan high Mountain Tea_no pesticides(ND)!                               

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Gold Alishan Tea Series (1 set)

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Item 1: HJ13-6(1)Oolong Tea 
Gold Alishan Oolong Tea 150g (1 set)

Item 2: HJ13-6(2)Jinsuan Tea
Gold Alishan Jinsuan Tea 150g (1 set)


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Taiwan Alishan Oolong Tea, Alishan Jinsuan Tea, Alishan Black Tea , Alishan Green Tea, Taiwan high mountain tea, hand selected tea leaves, gift/souvenirs, beverage, vegetarian food, healthy tea, no pesticides(ND), SGS...


HJ Royal Tea~100% Taiwan high Mountain Tea

Taiwan Alishan tea is from Taiwan famous Mount Alishan, situated between 1000 and 2000 meters in attitude. The high mountain conditions offer plenty of fog and low temperatures which are ideal for Alishan tea.

Alishan tea is rich aroma of flowers and fruit with SGS no pesticides(ND) certificate...~Unique for your health, unique for your taste!



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Taiwan Alishan tea(loose Tea)150g±5%1 box+1 handbag

(box size=12x9x7cm ; handbag size=12.5x9x18.5 cm)

Note: photos and packaging size are for only for reference.

Item 1: HJ13-6(1)Oolong Tea 

Taiwan Alishan Oolong Tea(loose Tea)150g±5% 1 box+1 handbag; or

Item 2: HJ13-6(2)Jinsuan Tea

Taiwan Alishan Jinsuan Tea(loose Tea)150g±5% 1 box+1 handbag


  • Taiwan Alishan tea is rich aroma of flowers and fruit with SGS no pesticides(ND) certificate...
  • Hand selected tea leaves
  • Vegetarian food, healthy tea
  • Paper box,gift/souvenirs pack
  • Aluminum tea bag(food grade)
  • Oxygen absorber in tea bag(food grade)
  • Taiwan Product liability insurance NT$10 millions

★ EXP.:

2 years(See side of box)


Taiwan, ROC

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HJ / Taiwan, ROC

4 tea sorts( Alishan Green Tea, Alishan Jinsuan Tea, Alishan Oolong Tea, Alishan Black Tea); OEM

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